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Private Investigator for Law Firms

Nadal Investigative Services provides a range of services for law firms and legal professionals. Each case is handled with the highest levels of professionalism, discretion, and attention to detail.

We are highly experienced in criminal and civil investigations and can assist you in identifying, locating and interviewing witnesses, scene photographs, conducting background investigations, confirming or refuting information developed by discovery, reviewing case documents and much more. NIS can also assist with process service, asset searches, surveillance and undercover investigations. NIS Founder Edwin Nadal is fluent in Spanish and specializes in cases involving Latino communities.

As a former homicide detective, Mr. Nadal has extensive experience testifying in court and is well-versed in the particulars of legal investigations, including attorney-client privilege, proper conduct, chain-of-evidence procedures, and thorough documentation in final reports.

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Process Service

Efficient, reliable, and rapid service of process anywhere in northern Virginia or the DC metro area.
process server Virginia DC Maryland process service investigator

Process Service

With thorough knowledge of laws and regulations surrounding process service, NIS can serve legal documents in an efficient and accurate manner, even for hard-to-find and evasive serves. Rush service is available for situations requiring rapid turnaround times.

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Witness Location and Interviews

NIS specializes in locating witnesses that may be difficult to find or reluctant to come forward. Our advanced investigative methods combine extensive data sources, technology, and traditional on-the-ground techniques to locate individuals across the country.

Once a witness is located, NIS can conduct interviews both in person and over the phone as well as obtain written, audio, or video statements and affidavits. With our background in law enforcement, you can be assured that statements obtained will be in full compliance with the law and will withstand the scrutiny of the court.

Bilingual Interviews and Statements

Important nuances can be lost in translation when a subject is not interviewed directly in their native language. NIS can conduct interviews in both English and Spanish, which can not only capture important subtleties but also help the witness feel more at ease and willing to speak freely.

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Witness Location & Interviews

We can find witnesses quickly, conduct interviews, and take statements in both English and Spanish.
Private Investigator Virginia DC Witness Location Skip Tracing Interviews Spanish Bilingual

Surveillance & Investigations

Find new information that could be the tipping point in your case.
Private Investigator Virginia DC Surveillance Investigations

Investigations and Surveillance

Criminal defense, family law, corporate litigation: no matter what kind of case, a thorough investigation can provide critical information that can change your strategy and help you make decisions, ultimately resulting in a better outcome for your client. NIS can conduct discreet and effective investigations, using surveillance and undercover tactics when necessary, to obtain information about a client, witness, or other person of interest, monitor specific activities (including off-the-books employment), verify details previously given, track digital trails including social media and other online activity, review documents or recordings, and more.

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Missing Heirs and Estate Investigations

Using an array of databases and resources, our team of researchers can locate missing relatives, identify heirs, obtain important documents such as wills and deeds, locate assets, and more. We can help you find beneficiaries to distribute unclaimed assets, establish property rights or quiet title, and provide due diligence searches.

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Estate & Probate

Find missing heirs and conduct the due diligence needed to settle an estate.
Missing Heirs Estate Probate Investigator Virginia DC